Monday, October 6, 2014

Dallas Legends: Goatman of White Rock Lake

Each city has it's own ghost stories and legends. I heard most of the ones I know about Dallas sitting around the campfire in Girl Scouts, trying to scare each other. In honor of Halloween, I thought I'd share some ghost stories from Dallas and the surrounding suburbs.

At White Rock Lake, there's a legend of a 7 foot tall monster that people who wonder into it's territory. Reportedly, he has goat hooves and horns and is covered in brown fur. What little skin can be seen is greenish, and some people claim he has red eyes. He usually rushes out at unsuspecting joggers and throws trash, but there aren't any stories of him actually attacking anyone. Goatman has been spotted up to 140 miles away from White Rock Lake, some suggesting that human development has pushed him further out.

White Rock Lake is beautiful and a great place to visit, but be on the lookout! It seems to be one of the more haunted spots in Dallas.

More Goat Man Info

Happy Halloween!

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