Monday, October 20, 2014

Dallas Legends: Annie at Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has Fright Fest this time of year. It seems you don't have to just go in October to see ghosts though....Six Flags has a plethora of ghosts roaming the grounds. A lot of the old buildings you see are old farm houses that had been moved to the park and apparently some of the old inhabitants are still there.

Right by the Texas Giant, there is an old barn that has been converted into a candy shop. A little girl who the staff has nicknamed Annie has been tricking more than terrorizing the staff there. Legend says she drowned in Johnson's Creek and she can be seen in her yellow dress walking a on the railroad tracks. She has been known to unlock doors in the Candy Shop and to turn her light on and off in her bedroom usptairs. Some say she also haunts the Texas Giant itself, though I'm not exactly sure how you haunt a roller coaster. I mean, people mostly have their eyes closed and they're already screaming.

The park has a lot more ghosts, like Angus the Six Flags founder and ghosts at the Old Mill (I think they were having a party). Next time you go out to Arlington, keep your eyes peeled!

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