Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brewsday: Funnel Cake Ale

The Texas State Fair starts this weekend! My personal favorite part of the State Fair is all the awesome food that comes out. I mean, this is the fair that brought you Fletcher's Corny Dog and deep-fried butter. Every year, we have the Big Tex Awards to see what cool new foods are coming out, and I wasn't disappointed. The Texas Bluebonnet is a fried blueberry muffin and Fried Texas, which is a fried pie filled with pecans, peaches and buttermilk pie.

But this is Brewsday, so I have to mention the Funnel Cake Ale  brought to us by local brewery Community Beer Company. It won Most Creative in the Big Tex Awards, and I hope to have a taste this year. This is the first year we've had an official brew of the State Fair...Dallas has a growing craft beer scene, and it's cool to see them start to get recognized for the awesome work they do.

You have to be 21+ to try (of course) but you CAN get powdered sugar on the rim. Probably would go great with the fried Sriracha balls. ;)

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