Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brewsday: The Blind Pig

Sorry that I missed last Brewsday....I thought I had scheduled a post and it turns out I forgot the all-important "save" button. And Brewsday on a Friday? That sir, is craziness.

Anyway, Mr. Mayo and I went to a new pub on Lower Greenville a couple of weeks ago called The Blind Pig over by the new Trader Joe's. The specialize in brews and in-house made sausages and other pub foods.

When we got there, I promptly ordered the house beer, the Franconia Meäzen, which Franconia only makes for The Blind Pig. It was a pretty tasty beer..medium-bodied and incredibly drinkable. You could order a whole liter for a pretty decent price. Their beer list was OK...not the biggest I've seen, but they had enough craft beer to keep us happy.
Franconia Meäzen
One of the best things that they have poutine menu. For those of you unfamiliar, poutine is a Canadian dish of french fried covered in gravy and cheese curds. It's not healthy, but it's one of my favorite things to eat. And at the Blind Pig, they have some pretty decadent selections. Mr. Mayo and I got the duck poutine...french fries fried in duck fat, covered in duck gravy with duck confit, cheese curds, and (why not?) a duck egg. And if you're feeling particularly fancy, you can add foie gras for $10 extra. We figured this dish was already rich enough.
Duck Poutine
We also tried two of their sampler boards. One had fresh potato chips with goat cheese and pickles. And you're thinking, "Pickles? That seems unappetizing." Nope. There was probably about 7 different kinds of pickles...from cucumbers to my personal favorite, shallots.
Chips and pickled veggies
The last thing we ordered was their sausage sampler...they make a bunch of sausages in-house and we can get a tray with three different types. We had a brisket sausage (my fav), a bacon bratwurst, and a spicy Italian sausage. On the menu, they even had a veggie sausage that I wanted to try but it wasn't on our sampler.
Brisket sausage=awesome sauce
It was a little pricey and everything was kind of rich, but over all it was worth it. The beer list was pretty good, food excellent, and they have a pretty big covered patio area if al fresco is your type of thing. I highly recommend trying this place.

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