Saturday, April 5, 2014


This weekend, the Final Four will be storming our lovely town. But THIS week, it was all about Conan O'Brien and I was lucky enough to score tickets!
Conan O'Brien at the Majestic Theater
I had never seen a live taping before, so it was pretty cool to see the process. It was JUST like watching the show on TV, but instead of commercials there were about 20 guys scurrying around like ants rearranging the set during the breaks. Mr. Mayo and one of our long-time friends had tickets all the way in the nosebleed section. We were so high up we really couldn't see Andy OR the Basic Cable Band, but otherwise it was pretty cool.
O'Brien's Dallas Set
Charles Barkley was our guest and he was surprisingly funny. Apparently he and Shaquille O'Neal have a friendly rivalry going on. I use the term "friendly" loosely. It took an hour from when Conan came on til he was done.

If you every get a chance to see him live, I recommend it.

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