Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Texas Beer Festival

This weekend, Mr. Mayo and I were lucky enough to go the Big Texas Beer Festival this weekend. It was sold out, and by the time we left it was PACKED. But we got to try a lot of good beers that otherwise would be hard for us to get. If you get a chance to go next year, DO IT!
Line to get in
My favorite part was getting to try brews from Texas breweries. A local fav from McKinney was there, Franconia (the beir from here!) and they brought some of their special brews, like their Champagne Ale and Tripel Dunkel. Both were really tasty!
Franconia from McKinney
Peticolas was also there with their ever-famous Velvet Hammer (recommended if you like your beer to taste like a pine tree) and I had their Irish Goodbye which I didn't get to try during St. Patrick's day. It wasn't the best thing I had all day, but I had to support them.
Peticolas from Dallas
Of course there were some from out-of state too...we had to try Jester King, Dogfish Head, and Victory. 
Dogfish Head
There were also a lot of ciders there. I tried the Angry Orchard Muse, which was freakin delicious, sweet and bubbly. Mr. Mayo had the Iceman which was more like a traditional apple cider. Leprechaun was there too, which if you like pomegranates you should try their pomegranate/apple cider. And a new favorite of mine, Samuel Smith had two of my favorites of the day, a Chocolate stout that tasted like ACTUAL CHOCOLATE and a raspberry cider that was almost like a Lindemans Framboise.
Angry Orchard Muse
And of course, food trucks. It was rainy so I felt kind of bad for all the people working out there, but we had some tasty Cuban food to go with our last sip of beer. MMmmm so good!
Rain Didn't Ruin the Food Trucks

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